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Al Westcott is single handedly responsible for more than $2.1 Million in FCC indecency fines against Howard Stern and his broadcasters. No individual in the history of broadcasting has been more successful in making broadcasters responsible for their actions than Al Westcott. Al Westcott is the broadcasting 'watchdog' who operates on his own. Al Westcott is not affiliated with any religious or political organization. All costs of his activities have been borne solely by Al Westcott with no financial help from any person or organization. Al Westcott is "King Of All Stern Fines"!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Top Page Advertising

As you can see, the top of this blog has advertising for Howard Stern stuff.

Just so you know, I have no control of it. hosts this blog for me for free and like many free on-line services makes it's money by the advertising that appears at the top of the blog.

Apparently the ads are controled by 'key words' which, in this case, may be the words "Howard Stern".

That's why the Howard Stern related ads are here.

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