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Al Westcott is single handedly responsible for more than $2.1 Million in FCC indecency fines against Howard Stern and his broadcasters. No individual in the history of broadcasting has been more successful in making broadcasters responsible for their actions than Al Westcott. Al Westcott is the broadcasting 'watchdog' who operates on his own. Al Westcott is not affiliated with any religious or political organization. All costs of his activities have been borne solely by Al Westcott with no financial help from any person or organization. Al Westcott is "King Of All Stern Fines"!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mel Karmazin

Ojai, California - Al Westcott

The infamous "Amazin" Mel Karmazin has been Howard Stern's radio boss for more than a decade and just left CBS as the President.

The indecency and obscenity Karmazin brought to the broadcasting airwaves has been emulated by many other broadcasters and Mr. Karmazin can be credited with the "race to the bottom" of radio broadcasting as we know it today.

Karmazin has been behind the scenes and maintained a low profile for more than 15 years.

This website is one of the very few that has a photo of the man responsible for the garbage that is today's "shock-jock" radio.

Just thought you would like to know what a man like him looks like.


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