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Al Westcott is single handedly responsible for more than $2.1 Million in FCC indecency fines against Howard Stern and his broadcasters. No individual in the history of broadcasting has been more successful in making broadcasters responsible for their actions than Al Westcott. Al Westcott is the broadcasting 'watchdog' who operates on his own. Al Westcott is not affiliated with any religious or political organization. All costs of his activities have been borne solely by Al Westcott with no financial help from any person or organization. Al Westcott is "King Of All Stern Fines"!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Do all Jews feel like this?

Al Westcott - Ojai, California

Verbatim transcripts of:THE HOWARD STERN SHOW

HS: is Howard Stern
RQ: is Robin Quivers

HS : Anybody want ashes come on down to the studio I'll give you some cigarette ashes on your head. You don't have to wait at church. Skip all that crap and all the guilt. You just come down and I'll shove some ashes on your head "ashes on your ash"

(During this segment of the show, there was a good deal of banter with some transvestite in the studio.)

HS: It is Ash Wednesday about 7 or so people came down to get ashes. They feel religious and they feel some religious guilt by not getting ashes.

So they came down here they don't want to go to church and go through that whole rigmarole.

RQ: They don't want to have the hassle of having not gotten the ashes and having to talk to their mothers I suppose.

HS: So this way, I'll just slap some tobacco ashes on their head. I'm like a priest anyway.

RQ: The tobacco ashes have been blessed, true?

HS: What kind of ashes do they use at church anyway.

RQ: I think its incense, isn't it?

Male voice: They burn palms

HS: So this will look like they went to church. Instead I'll just slap some on you. There are about 7 people here (a group of people are in the studio getting ashes - several were transvestites)

Nicole (a transvestite): I want ashes. I want ashes over my whole body.

HS: Let me get my ash tray.

HS: Now here we go. Since you're a Christian you go first.

RQ: You make a cross

HS: So you get a little in your eyes it's good for you.

HS: There it is Robin. Quicky Ash Wednesday ceremony. A service of The Howard Stern Show - Ash Wednesday


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