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Al Westcott is single handedly responsible for more than $2.1 Million in FCC indecency fines against Howard Stern and his broadcasters. No individual in the history of broadcasting has been more successful in making broadcasters responsible for their actions than Al Westcott. Al Westcott is the broadcasting 'watchdog' who operates on his own. Al Westcott is not affiliated with any religious or political organization. All costs of his activities have been borne solely by Al Westcott with no financial help from any person or organization. Al Westcott is "King Of All Stern Fines"!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Do all Jews feel like this?

Al Westcott - Ojai, California

Verbatim transcripts of:THE HOWARD STERN SHOW

HS: is Howard Stern
RQ: is Robin Quivers

HS : Anybody want ashes come on down to the studio I'll give you some cigarette ashes on your head. You don't have to wait at church. Skip all that crap and all the guilt. You just come down and I'll shove some ashes on your head "ashes on your ash"

(During this segment of the show, there was a good deal of banter with some transvestite in the studio.)

HS: It is Ash Wednesday about 7 or so people came down to get ashes. They feel religious and they feel some religious guilt by not getting ashes.

So they came down here they don't want to go to church and go through that whole rigmarole.

RQ: They don't want to have the hassle of having not gotten the ashes and having to talk to their mothers I suppose.

HS: So this way, I'll just slap some tobacco ashes on their head. I'm like a priest anyway.

RQ: The tobacco ashes have been blessed, true?

HS: What kind of ashes do they use at church anyway.

RQ: I think its incense, isn't it?

Male voice: They burn palms

HS: So this will look like they went to church. Instead I'll just slap some on you. There are about 7 people here (a group of people are in the studio getting ashes - several were transvestites)

Nicole (a transvestite): I want ashes. I want ashes over my whole body.

HS: Let me get my ash tray.

HS: Now here we go. Since you're a Christian you go first.

RQ: You make a cross

HS: So you get a little in your eyes it's good for you.

HS: There it is Robin. Quicky Ash Wednesday ceremony. A service of The Howard Stern Show - Ash Wednesday

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Al, tell us again why you do this

Al Westcott - Ojai, California

OK, I'll tell you again why I do this but remember, you asked for it.

One bright sunny morning a Howard Stern listener named "Tommy" from New Jersey called Stern's radio show and asked if he could eat a Hershey Kiss out of Jackie Martling's ass.

Naturally being such a fun lovin' guy, Howard Stern told Tommy to get to the studio as quick as he could.

While Tommy was making his way from New Jersey to Stern's New York studio another chocolate lover named "Hoss" called in and said that he could be at the studio quicker than Tommy and that he wanted to do the same thing (eat a Hershey Kiss from Jackie's ass.)

As these wacky things happen, both Tommy and Hoss showed up at the same time. Stern allowed both of them to perform the chocodeed and eat the chocolate from Jackie's ass.

A couple of weeks later, a woman named "Linda" called in and said she wanted to eat a piece of cake from Jackie's ass.

Linda showed up and did the dirty deed asHoward Stern, Robin Quivers and the rest of Stern's cast delivered the blow-by-blow description of cake-ass eating.

Eating Hershey Kisses and cake from an asshole while an asshole gives you the blow-by-blow description and broadcasting it over PUBLIC airwaves at a time of day that YOUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE RADIO AUDIENCE.

Now you know why I do it.

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Why Fight It?

Ojai, California - Al Westcott

For more than 15 years I have been fighting against the pollution of the public airwaves by the likes of Howard Stern and those broadcasters who want to be like him.

I am proud to say that I am solely responsible for more than $2,000,000 in federal fines against Stern and his broadcasters for violating federal obscenity and indecency statutes by broadcasting indecent material to children. (No I did not get the money and have NEVER made a penny from my activities)

During that time I have had death threats from Stern's "First Amendment" followers.

Mel Karmazin, the former President of CBS has called me "The most dangerous man in America".

I have been bewitched, bothered and bewildered by the lack of real action of the Federal Communications Commission against the repeated 'audio rape' by Multi-Billion dollar broadcasting empires who consider a couple of hundred thousand dollars in fines nothing more than the 'cost of doing business'.

If your question is . . . "Why do I fight?"

My question is . . . "Why do you not fight?"

Especially when you hear Howard Stern say things like ........................

"I love getting my daughters excited."

"I want to have sex with my daughter, you're so cute in your jammies."

"My thick fingers will make you feel happier than Barney."

If your question to me is, "Why do I fight?"

My question to you is . . . "Why do you not fight?"

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

How The FCC Finds Out About An Obscent Broadcast

Al Westcott - Ojai, California

How does the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") find out about an obscene radio or television broadcast?

The short answer is that all of us citizens must become unpaid 'investigators' for the FCC.

There are several ways that the FCC may learn about a possible violation of the Communications Act and the FCC's rules.

In most cases, a violation comes to the attention of the FCC through complaints filed by another licensee, a competitor, consumer, or some other interested party.

Complaints can be "formal" or "informal."Formal complaints must contain certain information required by the FCC's rules and may be subject to a filing fee.

Informal complaints may be filed in letter format and generally must identify the name of the party alleged to have violated the rule, location where the company or licensee operates, the specific rule alleged to have been violated, and must describe the specific circumstances surrounding the alleged violation.

Because the Communications Act imposes a time limit or "statute of limitation" by which the Commission may take certain enforcement actions (i.e., assess forfeitures) against specific violations, complaints should be filed as soon as possible following the alleged violation.

Complaints brought by citizens about indecent and obscene broadcasts must document the following:

1. The time of day of the broadcast,

2. The call letters of the station (radio or television station letters),

3. A detailed description of the offensive broadcast,

4. The name of the person(s) who made the broadcast, and

5. Your personal information - name, address, etc.

The more complete you make the information - the more likely you will get a response from the FCC.

But, don't hold your breath, I filed a complaint against Howard Stern back in 1990 and it took the FCC two years to finally fine Stern's broadcasters.

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Howard Stern's "Nigger" Jokes

Al Westcott - Ojai, California

Howard Stern is a racist. Period!

Think not??

Here are some jokes from Stern's program.

Read them and then decide if Stern is a racist or not.

Segment Entitled: "Stump The Jokeman" (The 'Jokeman' is a Stern show regular a.k.a., Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling)

Caller: Hello, Howard, yeah I want to stump the jokeman.

Caller: What do you call a white guy surrounded by 10 niggers?

Stern: What do you call a white guy surrounded by 10 niggers?

Jackie: The answer is coach, but that's not it.

Jackie: OK, quarterback.

Caller: No, the boss.

Another "Stump The Jokeman" segment:

Caller : What do black people and apples have in common?

Jackie : They both look best when hanging from a tree.

Caller : What the five most common words a male nigger hears?

Jackie : The five most common words a black person hears is "Will the defendant please rise"

Caller : I think niggers should be kept in cages.

Caller : What do you get when you take a million lesbians and put em in with the million man march?

Jackie : You get 2 million people that don't do dick.

Caller : What's the difference between a hard working black guy and bigfoot?

Jackie : Some day we might see bigfoot.

Caller : If a busload of blacks going over a cliff is a shame, what's a damn shame?

Jackie : That's when the bus has an empty seat.

Caller : Oh Jackie, it's two empty seats.

Caller : What would they have called the Million Man March if it was raining?

Jackie : Gorillas in the mist.

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